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As ever, our committment to people is key and with this is mind, we have identified the essential core of our policies and procedures framework which is a small group of documents that focus on health and wellbeing of people: sevice users, tenants ans staff. 

Due to the importance, we have selected these documents to make available here:

Performance management and quality assurance including case file audits

In order to support your business, we focus on making sure your team's expertise in delivering your value proposition is at its best. We do this by employing industry-methods of driving performance across leading organisations

Reviewing CV
University Students

Commissioning and procurement including integrated commissioning for Health and socialcare

We drive the commisioning and procurement of all your healthcare projects, making sure they are adhere to all of the required and statutory obligations set aside by healthcare bodies. 

Workforce development & Project Management

We also offer the required training to support your workforce, preparing them and equipping them with the requisitie knowledge needed to effectively do their duties

Image by Kenny Eliason
Engineer Examining Air Conditioner

Service reviews- including mock inspections and Ofsted Inspections

Inspections are key part of the healthcare industry and for you to be compliant and be in business, regular inspections would be undergone by the required bodies. We offer mock inspections to make sure your business is as compliant as it need to be. We also offer Ofsted inspections

Performance and practice improvement including improvement partner for children's social care

We are passionate about social care and we work to support organisations by improving how they support vulnerable children around local communities in the UK 

Online Socializing
Happy Children


We support agencies and organisations within the healthcare industry with the knowledge they need to effetively support their service users. We do this by employing innovative methods to managing ans supporting care homes, agencies and players in the industry

Web and Digital Design

A lot of healthcare organisations don't have the required web visibility to grow their businesses. Our expert digital team would support you with helping you grow your business digitally.Virtual Videos of each Provision and marketing materials 

Web Designers

Examples of Work Include

  • Providing change processes to support the merger of organisations and the development of a new culture

  • Developing interventions to support the introduction of a new matrix management systemWorking with organisations through specific crises and challenging events

  • Supporting system-wide change and restructuring processes

  • Developing teams to support a organisational change process

  • Designing and implementing a change management process

  • Matrix management system

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