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How to market your medical staffing agency

Many hospitals, clinics and other medical offices utilize medical staffing agencies to help find sufficient number of nurses, doctors and administrative support staff.

The need for medical professionals of all kinds continues to grow. In an article from, it reports that healthcare jobs are expected to grow faster than any other industry.

Your medical staffing agency can be a part of the healthcare industry’s growth by using these tips and techniques to help your agency grow.

1. Market Knowledge

Stay up-to-date on the healthcare industry. Knowing what medical professionals and what areas are in need can help you stay on top of and in front of the demand for filling medical staff and administrative support positions.

2. Network

Networking is one of the most important things any business can do. Utilize your contacts and branch out to meet others to help grow your medical staffing agency. Whether it’s an industry affiliate, a potential customer or a possible candidate, networking provides you with insight, tips and resources for your medical staffing agency.

3. Highlight Industry Expertise

If your medical staffing agency specializes in placing certain positions in the healthcare industry, make that prevalent on your website and marketing materials.

4. Payroll Funding

If you’re cautious about or hesitant to accepting new contracts that are bigger than you are used to, payroll funding can help. Many medical staffing agencies utilize payroll funding to bridge the gap of when they need to pay their employees and when their customers pay them. It’s not uncommon for medical staffing agencies to wait 90 days or more for customer payments.

With payroll funding, you’ll no longer have to wait for payment. When your medical staffing agency uses payroll funding, your invoices are paid immediately, giving you the ability to accept new and larger contracts without running into a cash-flow gap.

5. Keep Your Candidates & Customers Happy

Because there are a large number of medical staffing agencies to work with, it’s important to keep your candidates and customers happy. Open communication, added-services and benefits for both your candidates and customers can help your medical staffing agency stand out from others.

6. Utilize Internet Job Boards

Advertise the positions you’re looking to fill on internet job boards. The faster you’re able to fill positions, the happier your customers will be. Of course, make sure you’re placing good, qualified candidates.

7. Industry Associations

Join industry associations and become active in them. Attend as many events as you can that they host to take advantage of networking opportunities. Below are just a few associations that may benefit your medical staffing agency.

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